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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel and Tourism Management

Today the Travel and Tourism industry is recognized as the largest industry in growing . Travel and tourism have got much importance to develop their guiding career and now gradually this field is becoming more demanding and prestigious. From this subject students can learn about the wider ethical, social and cultural dimensions of different countries.
About course
The subject teaches how to be more creative and how to apply their knowledge in traveling field. The course incorporates travel industry principles, hands-on training and the general business skills required in the management of travel tourism. He or she can do this subject as online as well as campus.
Job opportunities
The travel and tourism industry is vast and varied. There are many different sectors providing services to all kinds of customers. But normally a travel and tourism certificate holder gets job in certain sectors such as : tour guide, retail manager, hotel manager, tourism information centre manager, conference administrator and many others.
Pay scale
Pay scale vary as per their post and their experience but the basic pay on an average is $48,000 (p.m.) approx.
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