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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Construction Management as a subject

Construction management comprises cost and quality supervision, and ensures a professional overview during all stages of construction.
Considerable emphasis is placed on preventative supervision, whereby the specialists examine all activities, i.e. drawings, work descriptions, tenders, job contracts and cost estimates before construction begins. During construction, work procedures are carefully monitored to ensure the contractual obligations, standards and statutes. Work meetings are held regularly, cost and timetable schedules reviewed, and measures taken to ensure information transfer between client and contractor. When the project is completed, the client receives a report covering all main aspects of the project.

Construction industry is one of the emerging industries in over the world. The program of construction management trains techno-managers for the construction industry and value leading to career prospects. The curriculum is a judicious blend of theoretical and applied courses accompanied with practical experience and research work. Theoretical courses aim to improve the students to understand certain fundamental phenomena and relationships that characterize the changing world in which managers must operate. Practical experience is gained by a student through construction practice, study tours and internship where he/she learns to practice the newly acquired management skills under the supervision of an expert. Research gives him/her the facility of scientific analysis of a problem and report writing skills. Computer application skills and knowledge of quantitative methods in managerial decision making are imparted through special courses in workshops/seminars. This program is a multi-disciplinary stream of specialization touching upon development aspects, statutory requirements, legal framework, business environment, infrastructure, funds and finance, technology and marketing etc.

These t Programs prepare students for professional responsibilities that call for high proficiency in skills of information technology, people management, project finance, international markets - all with a special reference to infrastructure development projects and real estate projects. All students who graduate from this particular field of management studies are eligible for employment in reputed construction and other companies. Graduates specializing Construction Management could become planning engineers, designers of infrastructure projects, controllers and monitors, procurement and coordination executives and appraisers of project proposals submitted to funding agencies.

About the course

This course has been uniquely developed in direct partnership with some of the leading construction companies. It is specifically aimed at attracting high caliber (and charismatic) students with a passion for management and the industry in general. The course contains two main themes of Management and Technology throughout all four years of the course, with practical management and team working skills being introduced via some innovative teaching technologies, replicating the industrial learning environment. Supporting modules of economics, law, services and financial control are used to provide knowledge and understanding of the construction business environment. The course also contains a management development week, aimed at developing leadership and teambuilding skills (blended with a spirit of discovery and adventure!).

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