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Friday, January 14, 2011

Nursing as a subject

In the dictionary of medicine Nursing has a vast definition, in short, Nursing is a health care profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life from birth to death. Nursing provides a framework for the nursing process, including data collection, diagnosis, planning, treatment, and evaluation.

Career for Nursing

Nurses and nursing assistants form the largest group of workers in health sector. They are required in the hospitals and health centers right from general ward to operation theater. Therefore, with the growth of the health industry, the demand for nurses is also increasing. So that making a career in nursing is very attractive. Before you start your career in nursing first you have to take LPN (License Practical Nurse) degree after that you can have for RN degree (i.e, Registered Nursing).In US, there are many regions of the country still facing the shortage of experienced nurses. Under this section you can also have medical billing and coding. The aging of the U.S. population will demand and need more nurses in the immediate future. Due to the economic recession this year many career hungers are studying nursing and they will naturally fill the nursing job vacancies. So, if you want to enhance your education stream or want to study further in the field of nursing that will be the correct decision. You can have your degree both online as well as campus, for further details please log on us at

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A registered nurse can get in US dollar $38,277-$73,625


BSN ranged $71,000 and $86,000

Nurses working in specialized care areas $83,000 to $98,000,


Director, Nursing $77,419 - $109,248

Nurse Practitioner(NP) $71,477 - $84,586

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner(ARNP) $69,403 - $87,476

Cardiovascular Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner(ARNP) $70,857-$88,408

Family Nurse Practitioner(NP) $66,226 - $81,947

Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner(NP) $65,646 - $81,280

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner(NP) $62,836 - $79,138

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