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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Career in Health Science

Now-a-days health is the major and significant part; truly it has an enormous function in our life. We are all aware the famous quotes that “to live wealthy be healthy”. Thus, Health Science provides to bringing notice about manners in health. It enhances to look the chronic condition, genetic and nutritional disorder. Especially Health science or biomedical science is the applied science dealing with health. The Health Science has two major field one is research and another is teaching or as a subject for education. There is wide scope open for all students in health course on different areas.

Why I Study Health Science
Today about 80-90% people around the world are worried about their health, even it has come now big global issue. In USA teaching in Health science means to worship god, really it give special priority for every student who seeks to come learn the subject health science. Normally Health science comprehends diseases cure, health promotion in proper life cycle. Generally Health sciences programs help to prepare students to built careers in the health care industry. This subject has much validity to getting jobs graduate level degree. So student can choose this subject in the medium of online as well as campus.

Course details
The subject Health Science depends on the classes of biology, mathematics, and chemistry, it also focus on human anatomy, neuroscience, microbiology, physiology, gerontology, medical terminology, quantitative methods, nutrition, occupational health, statistics, science writing and bioethics. Health science provides some course in Bachelor’s as well as Masters.

Jobs Opportunities
In USA health care industry have the fastest growing market for jobs. It can help to stable your life in the following fields such as: - pharmacist, physical and occupational therapist, podiatrist & radiological and anesthesiology technician. It also helps to find the job in the field of personal trainer, rehabilitation specialist, and many more.

Earning Procedure
The earning possibilities depends upon that what kind of job career they need. For instance a Physical therapists can earn anywhere from $63,000 to $73,000. Optometrists can earn a salary of up to $118,000. A Bachelors degree holder can earn up to $50,000 - $60,000. And a Master degree holder can earn up to salary $65,547-$78,196.Normally the basic pay for Health Science is about $127,500 approx.
Therefore, by choosing this subject he/she will definitely gain the right career infrastructure in future.
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