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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Environment as a subject

The meaning of the word Environment is living politely with the surrounding of your whole atmosphere and it will completely satisfactory for human soul because it is systematically involved with human interaction. You can imagine the word Environment is like a feeling because if you create any disorder with the system of environment, definitely reaction will come out. It is obvious if you want to make healthy environment, you should involve yourself in this subject.
Rather to say it’s the study of interdisciplinary approaches. There are some fields in environments such as natural environment, physical environment, chemical environment, biological environment etc. Environment between human and nature has always an interdependent relationship, and to know each other one human being has to understand the nature and for that they have to study the details of environmental condition that why this subject is named for environmental studies.

Why to study
Every human beings love nature, their environment, because everyone is surviving due to nature reacts! Yes, without this the whole atmosphere has been wiped out. So to understand the environment have to know them, feel them, touch them, and hug them, to do all this you have to study the nature have to realize their language, and for that this subject has great significance. Presently, in US about 90-95% students choose this subject for their career course because they showing much interest to know that the meaning and the value of this subject. Not only in US but the whole world is suffering from the disaster of environment, we are not surviving peacefully everyday every moment we have to face lots of problems due to environmental issues. Environmental studies include the details study of Ecology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Chemistry, and Geology. So, the priority and necessity of this subject has become top.

Career in Environmental studies
There is a vast career opportunities in Environmental sector, you can become an environmental scientist, a technologist or get jobs in pollution detection control, and soil or water testing laboratories. You can also get government jobs and many companies in science and technology field. Here are some other fields where you can engage yourself. Employment includes careers such as environmental engineers, nature and wetlands analyst, GIS, technicians, chemists, earth sciences / geologists, policy and law, wildlife conservation, planning, education, wastewater treatment and operations, program and project management, natural resources, etc.

There are different categories for each environmental departments and the pay scale varies upon different skills. Normally the median Salary starts from $43,300 in U.S. and median Salary (mid-career) is $78,700. You also have an opportunity to make your career as a scientist level where your earning level will be unlimited.
So, those who have intimacy with environment he/she can choose this subject for their career.
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