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Monday, February 21, 2011

Career in Journalism

It doesn’t make any sense to introduce the word ‘’Journalism”. But saying about journalism have to give some significance for this subject. Generally, journalism is the study of media reporting, which also familiar with mass communication, journalism mainly provides the collecting, verifying, reporting and analyzing, it also gathered correct information regarding current events including real proof issues. USA is that country where one will get plenty of Journalism schools because Journalism is an extremely progressive field that lures prospective students with its diverse and exciting career opportunities. Those who want to be a vital part of today’s mass media, journalism provide a challenging career for them.

Scope of Journalism
Journalism is the right career opportunity for them who are interested in the field of mass media and communication. Journalism offers a very vast scope in many different professions such as Broadcasters, News Directors, Reporters and Editors in various news and entertainment sectors. In USA, the students who opt for journalism schools may select courses on the basis of their media preferences and capabilities. The scopes in the field of journalism are endless.

Journalism Courses in USA
The Journalism Schools in USA offer a very well-planned and well- structured curriculum for its students. Both graduate and post-graduate journalism courses are offered by different universities and colleges of USA. Some of the specialized journalism programs offered by them are- Public Relations & Advertising, Broadcasting & Digital Communication, Journalism Studies, and Photo Journalism along with Communication & Media Studies.

Journalism and Mass Media Graduate Programs
Masters degrees and Ph D degrees in Journalism and Communications can prepare students to pursue careers not only in traditional fields but also in web based media such as newspapers, magazines and broadcasting. Those who complete a graduate program in journalism can enter careers in several spheres like investigative journalists, editors, publishers and more.

Journalism Career
The USA media and journalism industry provides illustrious careers. Print media and electronic media are the sub category of media, which offer unique job opportunities in news, entertainment and information related to every aspect of life spheres. Collecting news reporting, editing, proofreading, producing, advertising, publishing, and many more activities are related with journalism.In USA, there are many regional, national and international newspapers and television channels which provide ample of employment opportunities to a large number of media and journalism professionals. In USA the media/journalism jobs require an influx of people having varied talents, qualifications and expertise.

Pay scale
In U.S. a Journalist has different level of their earning; they get pay for different categories for their jobs and their experience. But normally an overall journalist or senior journalist in any field i.e. print or electronic media they get pay about Salary Range $26,192 - $45,611 (approx) p.a.
So, come and choose your interest level as a perfect journalist.
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