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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Career in SocialStudies

Social Study, as field of study may be more difficult to define. But many of us known that social studies is taught for two reasons, one it is designed to promote civic competence; and second it is integrative incorporating many fields of endeavor. Basically social studies belongs to understanding of knowledge, processes, and attitudes from academic disciplines. Social Studies help to maintain a formal discipline among the people and also to understand the human motives.

Why Social Studies
Today social studies has become the major and compulsory primary subject. The whole nation is belonging individually to particular society, their culture,language, activities, and others. Many needy people face big disaster and struggle lot to survive but no body is there for their help, there are very few people who work or extend help without any self interest, we known them as a social worker, similarly social studies is also the subject which will change the mankind for becoming a perfect human beings in this world. However, these days many student choose this subject and further their career in this. Today almost each and every university in U.S. are familiar with this subject.

About Social Studies
There are some different fields in social studies they are as follows:-
Economist, Human Resources Assistant, Politician,Psychologist Urban Planner, Lawyer, Court Reporter, Paralegal , Sociologist, Social Worker , Anthropologist,Historian, Geographer. Etc, Social studies comes under the category of liberal arts student who wants choose these subjects as a career he/she will have to eligible for bachelors, then after that he or she can pursue with master’s for this subject and finally PhD. Students can have both the options of study
online and campus. So those want to engage them selves in this field can opt for the subject.

Job opportunities in Social Study
Social Studies has vast options to get job prospects in different field as discussed earlier.Like professions as an economist analyst, a politician, or as a human resources manager, can pursue career with this subject as well.

Pay scale
It is difficult to clarify the pay scale for social studies because there is different category for each and every department where the employee get paid. But Employees of Social Studies Degree Median Salary by Years of Experience is $55,000 (approx.).
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