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Friday, May 6, 2011

Career in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering basically deals with Chemistry and all other chemical related issues. Normally it is the package of engineering which mainly signify with the design, construction and operation of machines and plant which stand in the path of chemical reactions.

About the subjects

In today’s industrial world there is huge range of chemical plants and so there is equally great demand for Engineers. In this field students have depth knowledge of the subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math’s. Chemical engineering covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, petroleum refining plants etc. So the chemical engineers are known as high quality engineers and specifically they are responsible for running an industry. In U.S. maximum universities have this subject as academic career field. Students who are well versed in science stream and also have interest in chemical products can choose this subject as for their academic degree course. This subject can be learnt both online as well as campus facilities.

Job opportunities and career option

Job prospectus and career options of a chemical engineer are varied and different. It plays a key role in chemical plant industries. Their work area varies from petroleum & petrochemicals to food, materials, specialty chemicals, plastics, power production, environmental control, waste management and biotechnology and many others field. They also have job facilities in government sectors in various fields such as water treatment, environmental regulations and recycling, in energy sectors such as energy conservation and research on alternate energy sources and health-related research projects, defense establishments and atomic power plants etc.

Pay scale

Normally chemical engineers have different salaries range in different working sector and they get paid by their skill and experience. But on an average they get salaries about $58,909 - $85,780 (approx) p.m.So, if you want to furnish your career as a chemical engineer or want more details about this subject then you have to log on or you can have chat with course advisor directly.

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